Research on Engineering/Computing Education: Where to find and publish?

Posted on August 2, 2010



Author:  Sanjay Goel,



Engineering and Computing Education Research:   Some International Journals, Conferences, and other forums

  1. Journal of Engineering Education, ASEE, since 1910
  2. European Journal of Engineering Education, Taylor and Francis, UK,  since 1976
  3. The International Journal of Engineering Education, Dublin Institute of Tech., since 1985
  4. IEEE Transaction on Education, IEEE, since 1988
  5. Journal of Computer Science Education, Taylor and Francis, UK, since 1990
  6. International Journal of Technology and Design Education. Springer, since 1990
  7. Australasian Journal of Engineering Education. Australasian Association of Engineering education, since 1991
  8. The Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges, Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges, Archived by ACM, since 1991
  9. Engineering Science and Education Journal, IEE, since 1992
  10. Global Journal of Engineering Education, UNESCO International Centre for Engineering Education, since 1997
  11. Journal of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Education, Auburn University, USA, since 2000 
  12. British Journal of Engineering Education, British Engineering Education Society, since 2000
  13. Journal of Information Technology Education, Informing Science Institute,USA,  since 2002
  14. Journal of Information Systems Education, AITP, since 2003
  15. Online Journal of Global Engineering Education, University of Rhode Island, since 2006
  16. Advances in Engineering Education, ASEE, since 2007
  17. Transactions on Computing Education, ACM, USA, since 2009
  18. Annual conference of ASEE, since 1894
  19. Annual Conference of SIGCSE, ACM, since 1970.
  20. Frontiers in Education, ASEE & IEEE, since 1977.
  21. Annual  Conferences of Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges, since 1985
  22. Annual Conference on Software Engineering Education and Training, since 1988
  23. Annual Conference of Australasian Association of Engineering Education, since 1990
  24. Annual Conference on Informing Science and  Information Technology Education, Informing Science Institute, since 2001
  25. Koli Calling International Conference on Computing Education Research, since 2001 
  26. Annual ASEE Global Colloquium on Engineering Education, since 2002
  27. Annual Conference of SIGITE, ACM, since 2003
  28. International Computing Education Research Workshop, ACM, since 2005
  29. The International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS), ISLS  since 1992.
  30. SIGCSE Bulletin, since 1969
  31. National Teaching and Learning Forum, Newsletter, USA, since 1991
  32. Prism, a magazine by  ASEE, since 1998
  33. Tomorrow’s Professor Listserv, Stanford University, USA, since 2000
  34. SIGITE Bulletin, since 2005
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