Guest Article: Evaluating Career Options in the IT Economy

Posted on November 18, 2010


This is an article  by our guest  author,  Mr. Mukul Jain. It is the summary of his talk given at Jaypee Institute of Information Technology on 18th Nov., 2010.  The talk  was primarily aimed at addressing the final year BTech students.

Abstract of Talk:

With the advent of Internet and mobile communications in the last two decades, the business is becoming increasingly global and its velocity has increased. This is most evident in the IT services sector in India. These trends are going to play out increasingly more in the coming decades leading to a world which is full of new opportunities. Making a career choice in an opportunity rich environment therefore would require an increased understanding of the nature of future job markets. The talk higlighted some of the key underlying trends which are going to shape the future.

We will also focus on the individual traits which are often overlooked while making  such decisions but have a huge impact on realization of the full individual potential.  Overall the talk  stimulated a deeper thinking on this topic.

Lecture Slides:

1. Prevailing Wisdom

—  Job security and career growth is synonymous with large company jobs

—  Money is the overriding factor

—  Peer/Parental pressure to follow a path which is in vogue

—  Maximize immediate gains

—  Failure is not acceptable

—  Get Any job rather than the Right job (esp. in the campus recruitment)

2. Future Trends

—  World is flattening – Barriers of distance, time, language, and culture are crumbling

—  Shorter life cycles for Products, Services, Technologies, Business Models, and Corporations

—  An alternative with a better price/performance curve will happen sooner than later

—  Innovation canvas is getting bigger and more fertile  with increasing cross fertilization across people and domains

—  Increasing manifestation of Power Law

3. A Different Approach


—  Maximise fulfillment during the entire life span

Key Principles

—  Leverage your  Strengths

—  Align with what you truly Enjoy

—  Keep yourself Challenged

4. Intrinsic Traits

—  Thinker   or  Doer

—  Specialist  or  Generalist

—  People  or  Task orientation

—  Control  or  Collaboration

—  Structured  or  Flexible

—  Preserving  or  Creating

5.  Additional thoughts…

—  Foundation years are critical to discover your potential. A workplace that facilitates this is far more valuable.

—  Job security has a new meaning – having a job and not necessarily the same job

—  Focus more on the value that you bring

—  Measure your success by the impact/contribution you make and not by the title/salary

—  Take ownership of your career goals

6. Summary

—Future is unfolding at an increasing pace and will be different than the past
—Opportunities will abound for those who challenge themselves, and are not driven by immediate gains alone
—Imagining new possibilities often requires abandoning your current position
—While practical considerations loom large in choosing a path, we need to remain alert to our true self and our dreams


Mukul Jain  has spent 30 years in the technology business. He started his career with HCL’s R&D group and helped establish HCL’s product leadership in 80s in India. With the growth of software services sector in 90s, he co-led the development of product engineering services business of HCL Technologies. In his last job as COO of GlobalLogic, he helped the company emerge as one of the fastest growing product engineering services company with global delivery centers across India and Ukraine.

In his current position as CEO of MTree which he founded in 2005, he is incubating R&D in the areas of Computer Vision and Network Communications. He has a B.Tech degree from IIT Kanpur in Electrical Engg and is passionate about reading, innovation and technology.


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