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SERO Model for Inquiry Teaching in Software Development Education

April 29, 2011


  Author:  Sanjay Goel,   ________________________________________ In late 90’s, in  a one to one conversation wrt a project, Prof. BN Sarasawati,  at IGNCA, made a very powerful  statement, “questions are more important than answers.”    This was my one of the best lessons learnt at IGNCA.   We learn when we engage ourselves in finding answers to some questions.  Successful inquiry of  difficult questions creates […]

Nurturing the Artistic Talent of Engineering Students through Multimedia Courses

April 26, 2011


This article is co-authored by Sangeeta Malik and Sanjay Goel.  In the last nearly 15 years, we have  been co-workers  on several multimedia related projects and activities. She can be contacted at  sangeeta DOT malik AT jiit DOT ac DOT in. _________________________________________ Multimedia involves the art and technology for designing the information and experiences to inform and engage […]

Taxonomy of Decision Making wrt Software Development

April 22, 2011


Author:  Sanjay Goel, ________________________________________ Rowe and Boulgarides [1] have designed a two dimensional taxonomy of decision making styles with respect to management education. They have identified four different styles of decision making.  The four styles differ from each other mainly in two dimensions: (i) need for high structured-ness vs tolerance for ambiguity, and (ii) […]

Decision Oriented Model of Software Processes

April 22, 2011


  Author:  Sanjay Goel, ________________________________________ Toffolon and Dakhi [1]   have proposed a decision oriented model of software processes.  As per this view  software engineering is a nexus of interwined, concurrent, and mutually suppotive decisions (under uncertainties)  and operational activities. The decision making is carried out by many stakeholders with respect to four subspaces related to […]

Critical Thinking and Engineering Education: Levels of Inquiry

April 21, 2011


Author:  Sanjay Goel, ________________________________________ Context: The quality of any inquiry depends upon the critical thinking ability of the researcher/investigator.  Critical thinking is essential for understanding of complex  and fuzzy situations  as well as good and apt decision making. It is crucial  for engineering professionals who  have to  investigate and solve complex problems, identify and develop best practices, document and defend findings, make decisions […]

Assessing Level of Creativity in Academics: Sternberg’s Propulsion Theory of Creativity

April 16, 2011


Author:  Sanjay Goel, ________________________________________ As per Sternberg’s propulsion theory of creativity [1], creative contributions are attempts to propel a field from wherever it is to wherever the creator believes the field should go. He proposed following four-level taxonomy of creative contributions.  The lowest level consists of paradigm preserving contributions that leave the field where […]

Phenomenon of Learning – A Unified Explanatory Theory

April 15, 2011


Author:  Sanjay Goel, ________________________________________ The mechanism of learning has been attracting the attention of thinkers in philosophy, psychology, education, and also computer science. Neuroscience ascribes ‘learning’ to the brain’s ability to change its structure. Behaviorists see learning as a relatively permanent change in behavior due to experience, and concentrate on control of the external […]