Do we care?

Posted on June 1, 2011


Author:  Sanjay Goel,


The acceptance rate at Cambridge is 21%, and at Oxford 18%. Columbia, Yale, and Stanford admitted less than 8%   applicants.   In 2010, 35,000  students applied to Harvard, and the acceptance rate was 6%.

Let us contrast this with Indian situation.    At IITs, overall acceptance rate (including latest IITs) is around 1% .   NITs and IIITs also have a similar acceptance rate.  Even after scoring 95% marks in school board, kids are not sure to  get their preferred college that  admit the students  based on their board performance.   What kind of options does some kid  with AIEEE rank of 84,oo0 (top 6% in approx. 14 lakh applicants) have?

It is most unfortunate that good quality college education is having such huge demand-supply gap in India.  The supply of high quality higher education has to be increased immediately.   A country of 120 crore people can certainly do it provided its leadership shows the determination.   So far the academic, business, and political leadership is failing to address the problem. This is  why the foreign universities  want to encash on the opportunity.   Obviously  we  need to wake up and do something drastically different.   Incremental changes won’t help.   

Do we care?

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