My Courses – II: Recalling the courses on Data Structures and Advanced Data Structures (2002- 2007)

Posted on February 10, 2012


Author:  Sanjay Goel,


When I rejoined full time  teaching after a gap of seven years at JIIT in 2002, there was no immediate opportunity to teach the  courses that I used to teach at DIT (now known as  NSIT), i.e., “Computer Graphics” or  “Image processing.” JIIT being one year old,  the students  were too junior for those courses.  I was asked to teach Data Structures (DS) to 3rd sem BTech students.

I enjoyed teaching that course and offered a sequel to that course, Advanced Data Structures (ADS)  in the subsequent semester.   Between 2002 to 2007,  I regularly taught large lecture classes of DS and ADS to BTech student for many years.  In some batches,  the students strength touched 270.    In   2005, Ialso taught an elective on Multi Dimensional Data Structures.  I found some of my best students at JIIT like Abhishek Gupta, C. Vijay Kumar, Vaibhav Chaudhry, Viveksheel Singh, Amit Pandey,  Lomash, Amal, Ritul, Aditya Singh, Ankit Chaturvedi, Vikas Kumar, Anuja Sharma, Vanshi Kathuria, Siddhartha Batra, Saaransh Bagga, Priyank Singh, Utkarsh Gaur, Amrita Jain, and many more  through these classes.

From my old archives, I am able to get   the summary of Data Structures lecture notes/assignments (July-Dec 2002, 2004,  2005, 2006, and 2007).   These are available as follows:

1. 2002:

2.  2004:

3.  2005:

4.  2006:  and

5.  2007:

The  summary of  lecture notes/assignments of  Advanced Data Structures (Jan-June 2005, 2006, and 2007)  are available as follows:

1.  2005:

2.   2006:  and

3.  2007:

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