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Research Method for Engineering Research Students – Part I: A Checklist for Literature Review

March 30, 2012


Author:   Sanjay Goel, ___________________________________________ This  checklist  can be used by the research students, especially in engineering disciplines,  to carry out the literature review assignments in their research.  However, the  list actually has a much broader scope. It  provides criteria  for reviewing any kind of  technical documents as well as whitepapers. For a  comprehensive checklist about engineering […]

Best Practices in CS Education – Part – IV: Flexibility in declaring the major

March 24, 2012


Author:   Sanjay Goel, ___________________________________________ Many great universities  believe that the university education is for self exploration and figuring out what a student wants to do with of rest of his/her life.  Unlike Indian universities, they offer tremendous choices and flexibility to students.  The most interesting facility available to students is the freedom to choose […]

Best Practices in CS Education – Part – III: Curriculum’s Emphasis on Diversified Educational Experience and Students’ Choices

March 24, 2012


Author:   Sanjay Goel, ___________________________________________ All great universities offer undergraduate programs that offer broad-based general education in well diversified knowledge domains. When we look at the course distribution for computer science/computer engineering students at some top universities, e.g., MIT, Stanford, CMU UC Berkeley, etc. we notice that the students are required to get a diversified […]

Best Practices in CS Education – Part -II: Innovative Curriculum with Small CS Core at Top Universities

March 18, 2012


Author:   Sanjay Goel, ___________________________________________ There is an increasing trend of making the curriculum more students centric by offering a large number of choices to the students.   Rapid technological expansion has also been increasing the complexity of task of Computer Science (CS) Curriculum designers.   At most of world’s best universities, we see an undergraduate level […]

Best Practices in CS Education – Part -I: Grading Policies at Few Top Universities

March 15, 2012


Author:   Sanjay Goel, ___________________________________________ Student evaluation (grading) policies are a very important element of any course.  Mostly Indian universities show a tendency to overemphasize the importance of written exams at the cost of several other potential forms of student engagements that require (and hence promote) critical/creative thinking, information gathering, problem formulation, complex problem solving, […]