My Courses – V: An Overview of a Course on Image Processing (Jan-May 2012)

Posted on May 19, 2012


Author:  Sanjay Goel,


My association with the field of Image processing started in 1988 during my MTech course work at IIT Delhi .   I also did my MTech thesis (1990-91)  in the sub-area of image processing, i.e., computer vision- identification of partially occluded objects.     Later,  I  taught Image processing  and also guided  more than one hundered  BTech project in this area for several years at DIT (now known as NSIT).  In those years, my association with the field of image processing, computer graphics, and computer vision became very close and undithered.   So much so that when my first son was born in 1993, few students suggested a  nick name for him – Pixel.  Offcourse we did not use this name for Shikhar.   A very large number of  very competent students of DIT did wonderful work in this area.  Their work was exhibited at first MAIT exhibition and also in the annual international trade fair both held at Pragati Maidan.  Unfortunately, at that time in India, there were hardly any industrial opportunities  in Image Processing or Computer Graphics software development.    Several  IT  lumaniraies of today  like Ranjan Aggarwal (Principal Development Manager, Microsoft), Dr. Sumantra Dutta Roy (Associate Professor, IIT Delhi),   Gurudutt  Bansal (Director, CADENCE),  Atul Sikka (Director, Aricent),   and many others carried out  their initial work in  image processing  at DIT.  

I left full time teaching at DIT in 1995 to join a UNDP funded Multimedia project at IGNCA. This assignment gave the opportunity to apply image processing  and multimedia to the domain cultural heritage in many interesting ways.  After completing the project, I re- joined full time teaching at JIIT  in 2002.  During 1995-2002, I also taught courses on Image Processing or Multimedia  few times at  few places as guest faculty -Delhi college of Engineering, NSIT,   University of Delhi, and also UIUC backed centre (Quantum) at Delhi.   

At JIIT, I first taught Image Processing  and Advanced Image Processing  as a elective course to final year BTech students who graduated in 2005 and 2006.    Later, many other colleagues showed interest in teaching this course.  Hence, I decided to diversify myself and  started developing some new interdisciplinary courses for some years.  However, I continued to enjoy and  supervise final year projects in this area. 

I once again taught Image Processing   as an elective to final year BTech students after a long gap  during Jan to June 2011. and also in 2012. In  2012, 38 students  registered in this course.  Many of them already had some background in the area. The class sessions were very responsive and students were good.   I must say that on an average, this batch of students was more motivated and  they performed better than some of their immediate senior batches.  Many of these students have planned to specialise in this area and I look forward to seeing them as great contributors to this wonderful field.     

A lecture wise summarised account of topics discussed in the classes of this course in 2012 is available at     Here are some projects completed by students as part their assignments in this course in 2012:

1.    3D Model Generation using Microsoft Kinect – by Abhinav Rastogi, Sameer Bagga, Siddharth Gulati, Vikrant Verma


                    Report:  IP PROJECT – 3D MODEL GENERATION

2.   Sculpture Photo to Sketch – by Pranjul Sharma,  Soniya Singhal,  Jasmeet Kaur


                    Report:  Sculpture sketching

3.     Momument images to sketch – by Saransh Gupta and Abhijit Singh


                       Report:   monument-sketch

4.    Simple Cloth Modeling and Control using Finger Count – by Varun Bansal, Saurabh Singh, Himanshu Arora, Sachin Tiwari


                        Report:  finger counter

5.   Animating the uimages with natural user Interface – by Ujjwal Kumar, Shivani Gupta, and Abhinandan Garg


                       Report:   Animating images

6.   Crack Detection and Classification in images of old paintings – Shreya khare, Akhshay Bhandari,  Ankita Juhi


                       Report:   CRACK_DETECTION

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