My Courses – VI: An Overview of a Course on Human Computer Interaction (July-Nov 2012)

Posted on November 23, 2012


Author:  Sanjay Goel,


In an earlier posting in May 2012 (My Courses – IV: An Outline of a Proposed Final Year Elective Course on Human Computer Interaction for Computing Students at, I had shared a tentative initial outline of the proposed  course on HCI that was planned to be taught in July-Nov 2012  for the first time at JIIT.  A total of 40 final year BTech (CSE/IT) students registered in this course.    As I was going to teach  this course for the first time, my ideas about the syllabus and content  were not well  structured and organised.  I received some valuable suggestions and feedback from the HCI community on LinedIn and also from some other sources.    In any case,   I prefer and love to evolve my courses (especially senior level single section elective courses with less than 50 students) as they progress and so was the case with this course.   The initial tentative plan turned out to be  just a guidepost.    Some themes and topics planned in the initial tentative outline, were not  included in the real course whereas some other  themes and topics that were under-emphasised in the initial outline were elaborated more.   
The classes  were essentially used for discussing    selected publications  (papers and book chapters).   I did not prepare any slides for this course.   I mostly  distributed  the copies of excerpts of selected publications  at the beginning of each class.   I am indeed highly indebted to all the authors of the published work that was selected for study  in this course.   The students were encouraged to study the original sources.    A class wise summarised account of topics and excerpts of referrred publications  is available at     Please note that these are not lecture slides.    Mostly these  are excerpts of referred and cited sources. 
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