My Courses – VIII: Recalling the course on Theory of Knowledge, Learning, and Research (2005-09)

Posted on December 4, 2012


Author:  Sanjay Goel,


Armour viewed software development as a learning activity rather than a production activity, and advocated that software developers need more training in learning, and knowledge structuring mechanisms, rather than in software itself.   In 2005, I started and taught a new elective for the final year students, “Learning Sciences” (LS).  Through this course, I planned to expose the final year B.Tech. students to some important theories and models of learning and e-learning. They were also engaged to mentor the juniors in a 2 hr. lab class under the guidance and supervision of the concerned faculty.  The assignments in the course required them to write reflective essays about their own and other’s learning process in the light of various learning theories taught in the course. They were also required to propose and design few new ways to enhance the learning of a chosen junior level computer science course.  

Many students felt that these theories and models helped them sharpen their  questioning skill, critical thinking, and reflective thinking.   They also started viewing software development as a learning and critical thinking activity. During 2005-2007, LS was taught in both semesters.  In 2007, it was further evolved into a new version with a new title, “Theory of Knowledge, Learning, and Research” (TKLR).  TKLR continued to be taught till 2009. 

During 2005-2009, LS/TKLR facilitated nearly 250 BTech students to learn and reflect upon various theories of learning, intelligence, epistemology, and instruction design. They also mentored junior students in a chosen junior level CS lab course.  I ceratinly enjoyed teaching this course.

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