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Indian University Ranking Framework by MHRD nearly ignores Student Performance

December 14, 2015


Author:  Sanjay Goel, ________________________________________ This is in continuation to my previous article on this issue of NIRF parameters – A close  look at various parameters shows that wrt the ranking of Universities, the MHRD’s NIRF has nearly ignored the issues of students performance (graduation outcomes).   While for the teaching focused institutions related to engineering, […]

Indian University Ranking Framework by MHRD sets Poor Benchmark for Teacher-Student Ratio in colleges and universities

December 13, 2015


Author:  Sanjay Goel, ________________________________________ It is a well known fact now that Indian universities are not ranking high in any international ranking list. As per the country wise Global Innovation index 2015, on the innovation enabling input parameter of the quality of tertiary (higher) education, India shows an extremely poor rank of 123. Hence, […]

A new course: Systems, Engineering, and Computational Thinking

December 12, 2015


A new elective course will be introduced in the coming semester for 2nd year students – “Systems, Engineering, and Computational Thinking”. Here is the first draft of the brief outline. I. Types of Thinking: Deductive Vs Inductive Vs Adbuctive, Reductionist Vs Holistic, Creative Vs Critical, Theoretical Vs Applied, Soft disciplines Vs Hard disciplines, Reflective, Multi-perspective, […]

Collaborative teaching in large classes of computer science courses

December 11, 2015


In spring semester 2015, collaborative teaching was applied by eight teachers for teaching nearly 700 students in four different sections of three different computer science courses with section strength varying from 120-240. Different forms of collaborative teaching were tried. Collaborative teaching at JIIT, Noida has turned out to be successful for large classes of the […]