Collaborative teaching in large classes of computer science courses

Posted on December 11, 2015


In spring semester 2015, collaborative teaching was applied by eight teachers for teaching nearly 700 students in four different sections of three different computer science courses with section strength varying from 120-240. Different forms of collaborative teaching were tried. Collaborative teaching at JIIT, Noida has turned out to be successful for large classes of the strength of 100 and above.

For full details, please refer the paper:

Collaborative teaching in large classes of computer science courses by
Goel, Sanjay; Dawn, Suma; Dhanalekshmi, G.; Hema N; Singh, Sandeep Kumar; Gupta, Sanchika; Alam, Taj; Kaushik, Prashant; Ajmera, Kashav, Presented at
Eighth International Conference on Contemporary Computing (IC3),  2015,

This experiment was further scaled up in the subsequent semester (Fall 2015) in 6 different courses involving 15+ lecture sections, nearly 30 teachers, and 1500+ students.   The results have been encouraging.  Some more benefits of this model were also seen, e.g., no lecture class had to be cancelled because of one teacher’s absence.  The integrated courses that had a mix of otherwise diversified topics were managed better by the faculty.  A few faculty members have also complained about the reduced ownership and  control wrt their lecture class.

The experiment has been called of for now as the university has decided to reduce the class size to 60 that has resulted in the increase of lecture sections by 40%, and we are not in a position of deploying two faculty members for such large number of lecture sections.  Hopefully there shall be more opportunities to  work again on this idea.

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