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Outcome Based Computing Education: Designing Learning Outcomes for 100+ Computing Courses

December 21, 2017


Author:  Sanjay Goel with  nearly 50 colleagues at the department of CSE & IT, JIIT This article is a work in progress. Last updated: 24 Feb 2018. ____________________________________________________ With the increasing emphasis on the Outcome based Education in higher education, the engineering educators are required to design the Learning Outcomes for their courses. Often they do a very poor job […]

Context and Concerns of Contemporary Research in Computing: A Brief Overview for New Researchers

December 15, 2017


Author:   Sanjay Goel ___________________________________________ Many students and researchers often have a very narrow view of computer science. This post gives a brief and broad overview of contemporary trends in computing research. As can be seen, the spectrum of research questions and objectives in and around computing is really very wide and there is enough opportunity […]