About me

Sanjay Goel

I seek to learn and  facilitate  meaningfully learning, thinking, & creativity; I also work for expanding the context of computing.

My main goals are:
1. Contribute in the transformation of engineering education especially computing education in India by bringing a higher focus on pedagogies of engagement.
2. Contribute to bring computing closer to society, humanities, and arts.
3. Create and actively promote a holistic approach towards computing education.
4. Explore and create opportunities for empowerment of practitioners of various domains through meaningful and human-centric computing.

Some of my professional and academic  presentations are available at http://www.slideshare.net/goelsan.

Sometimes (more so during my teens and twenties), I also  expressed my feelings and  understanding of the world through my Hindi Poems and couplets  posted at .

Sanjay Goel’s Expressive Blog

You can find some details about me and my LinkedIn activities at http://in.linkedin.com/in/sgoel.

I can be contacted at goelsan AT yahoo DOT com.

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  1. Prabhakar Loka

    May 9, 2011

    Dear Mr. Sanjay,

    I have read an article of yours and liked it. I am a research scholar from Andhra Pradesh, India. The topic is-Entrepreneurship Development-A study of Educational Sector with special reference to Technical Education in Andhra Pradesh”
    I am writing on Environment under which these engineering colleges operate, their performance, Quality of these colleges (content, infrastructure, faculty, students etc.), Governance and the Performance of these institutions. Of late the number of engineering colleges permitted by AICTE are so many that it is exceeding the demand and naturally compromising the quality.
    I would be obliged if you could mail me any of the relevant articles or reference for my work. With kind regards, Prabhakar Loka


  2. Bernal Manzanilla

    May 23, 2012

    Dear Mr. Sanjay.
    I happened to see your post in Linledin. I am a Geophysicst doing seismic processing . I see math and imaging specially as a beautiful topic that rather is a language like any other. i would like to learn more and as you said in a more holistic approach and no so tight and narrowed. I envision learning the governing multiscale models applicable to imaging. i know its perhaps fool too pretentious but I would like to ask how would you start? What to read? Where to study a Maters? I would like to start with the physics and math behind.
    Thanks for your time and any advice in advance
    Bernal Manzanilla

  3. Hello Mr. Goel. I am a communications professional working with Ogilvy PR and wanted to connect with you for some work. Can i kindly request you to leave a msg on kalpana.swamy@ogilvy.com with your contact numbers, shall connect. Regards, Kalpana


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