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NIRF-2018: Urgency of a Reform in Higher Education and also NIRF

April 6, 2018


Author:  Sanjay Goel ________________________________________________________ This is in continuation with my previous article (at  in 2017 on this theme.   A few  academics have already written newspaper and blog articles about NIRF 2018 and raised the doubts about the purpose of this exercise wrt the goal of improving the quality of higher education.  The NIRF 2018 is […]

A Thinking Framework to Identify your Motivation and Objectives for Computing Research

January 2, 2018


Author:   Sanjay Goel ____________________________________________________ Research requires and facilitates new ways of thinking about what exists and also what may. Doctoral research is supposed to be a long project aimed at creating new knowledge and insights about a chosen object of inquiry. Even more, it is a transformative journey that is supposed to permanently transform the […]

Outcome Based Computing Education: Designing Learning Outcomes for 100+ Computing Courses

December 21, 2017


Author:  Sanjay Goel with  nearly 50 colleagues at the department of CSE & IT, JIIT This article is a work in progress. Last updated: 24 Feb 2018. ____________________________________________________ With the increasing emphasis on the Outcome based Education in higher education, the engineering educators are required to design the Learning Outcomes for their courses. Often they do a very poor job […]

Context and Concerns of Contemporary Research in Computing: A Brief Overview for New Researchers

December 15, 2017


Author:   Sanjay Goel ___________________________________________ Many students and researchers often have a very narrow view of computer science. This post gives a brief and broad overview of contemporary trends in computing research. As can be seen, the spectrum of research questions and objectives in and around computing is really very wide and there is enough opportunity […]

Reserving seats for Delhi students at Delhi University: A shortsighted resolution by Delhi Assembly

August 1, 2017


Authored By  Sanjay Goel _____________________________________ Admissions in good quality colleges remain a challenge for most Indian students. The subsequent governments at all levels have largely failed in creating a good education infrastructure with the required scale, speed, and scope. While Delhi’s education infrastructure is certainly much better than the rest of the country, with its […]

Is Indian educated class learning?

May 21, 2017


Authored by:  Sanjay Goel ————————————————————————— Some reports say that 95% Indian technical graduates are unemployable. Indian IT industry has always been fond of using the phrase “Industry- institute gap”. By this, they imply that the institutes fail to train the fresh graduates with the skills required by the industry. This position, to my mind, is […]

How to fight the job loss trend because of Automation: Two Tips

May 21, 2017


  According to a January 2017 McKinsey report, 50%+ of the work activities in India are likely to be automated in next few years effecting 23.3 crore workers across different sectors. The degree of automation will vary across occupations.   According to this report, the occupations that mainly depend upon the following capabilities will be […]