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These articles mainly elaborate upon some important theoretical as well as empirical aspects related with higher education, especially in the context of engineering and computing education. Readers’ feedback and suggestions are most welcome.

I  invite thought provoking guest articles by Educators, Researchers, and Visionary Professionals on the themes of learning, teaching, higher education, engineering education, computing education, or corporate training.

Sanjay Goel  (

A.  List of most read Articles (with 1000+ views)
C.   Sanjay Goel’s  Articles

Here is the list of my articles posted on this repository. Gradually, I shall post more articles.
These are my 2 cents contributed in pursuance of my long cherished passion for transforming higher education in India.

Admission Time: What Can Indian Students and Parents Look for Beyond Placement?

Do Top Indian Institutes Have World Class Faculty?

State of Indian Contribution in Computing Research

Project-centric Evolutionary Teaching in Software Development Education

Some Software Risk Categorization Schemes

A Perspective from Industry about Most Important and Influential Topics in Software Development Education

Software Development Education: Breadth Courses for Developing Domain Competence and Systems Thinking

Software Development Activities: A Catalogue of Technical and Technically Oriented Activities

Engineering Graduates’ Desired Competencies: Recommendations by Accreditation Boards of Some Countries

Computing Graduates’ Desired Competencies: Some Professional Recommendations

Engaging Students in Puzzle Solving for Developing their Logical Problem Solving ability

Theories that can help teachers/trainers/e-learning designers to think like educators, help students to improve their learning ability, and also help Software Developers in developing domain competence and readiness

Some Theoretical Perspectives about Learning and Teaching

Two Core Principles about Learning

Phenomenon of Learning – A Unified Explanatory Theory

Assessing Level of Creativity in Academics: Sternberg’s Propulsion Theory of Creativity

Critical Thinking and Engineering Education: Levels of Inquiry

Great Gurus’ Wisdom – What Socrates, Galileo, and Einstein said about teaching?

Revising Bloom’s Taxonomy wrt Engineering Education

SERO Model for Inquiry Teaching in Software Development Education

Do we not need to urgently make the base broader and interdisciplinary? – A Concept Note for starting 4 year BS (Interdisciplinary Informatics) in India

Software Development Education: Two Experimental Courses for Interdisciplinary Integration with Selected Elements of Human Sciences

Nurturing the Artistic Talent of Engineering Students through Multimedia Courses

Research approaches in Software Engineering: Integrating the ‘Two Cultures’

C.   Sanjay Goel’s Presentations (

Multimedia For Cultural Documentation and Learning,, (Presentation made at Indo-US S&T Forum Workshop on Computer Applications in Archaelogy, 2002).
–  Learning to Teach, Teaching to Educate, Educating to Engineer,, (Presenetation made at IIIT Hyderabad and some other places, 2003, 2004).
 –  What do Engineers want ? Examing Engineering education through Bloom’s taxonomy, (Presentation made at AAEE, 2004).
Virtual Archaeo-heritage Exploratorium,
 (Presentation made at Indo-US S&T Forum Workshop on Digital Archaelogy, 2005).
–  Archaeo Heritage Informatics- Master’s Program,
(Presentation made at Indo-US S&T Forum Workshop on Digital Archaelogy, 2005).
–    Computer Vision Aided Classification And Reconstruction Of Indian Pottery, (Presentation made at Indo-US S&T Forum Workshop on Digital Archaelogy, 2005).
–     Designing Interactive Systems – Looking beyond Cognitive domain,, (presentation made at INCITE, 2007, Indo-European workshop)
–   Engage…to facilitate deeper learning,, 2008.
–  Enriching the Culture of Softwatre development education through theories of knowledge and learning, (half day tutorial conducted at IEEE- CSEET, 2009).
–  Software Engineering Approach for Teaching Development of Scalable Enterprise Applications, (Presentation made  at IEEE- CSEET, 2009).
–   PhD Presentation:   Design of Interventions for Instructional reform in Software Development Education for Competency Enhancemengt ,, Jan 2011.
–   Prayag – Centre of Knowledge Informatics for Sustainable Development,, Jan 2011
–  An Overview of Selected Learning Theories about  Student  Learning, (Presentation made at Indo-US S&T Forum Workshop on Effective Teaching and Learning at College/University Level, IIIT Delhi, 10-12 Feb, 2011).
D. Sanjay Goel’s  Hindi Poems and couplets at  Sanjay Goel’s Expressive Blog


Keywords: Software Engineering Education, Computing Education, Computer Science Education, Engineering Education, Information Technology Education, Information Systems Education, College Education, Higher Education, Professional Education.


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